Wendigo Dream Interpretation

To see wendigo in dream means that cheer and beautiful days are coming over. Happiness will become a natural part of you, like a hand on an arm.

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    1. man it true i saw a wendigo and it killed people and was boney and its bones expanded with a crackling sound it was more like a nightmare 🙁

  1. so what does it mean to have the wendigo tear your heart out and consume it … also i saw mushrooms on the window in this dream .. they were growing there and it was clear and easy to spot them .. hell i looked closely and might have grabbed one (or just poked it) .. at any rate there was mold and mildew along with the mushrooms and i was told by someone they were signs i cant remember good or bad i just know that i went to sleep in the motel room i was in (in the dream) and woke to the wendigo standing at the foot of the bed and it tore my heart out and clawed at me ( i died then the dream phased into something else of no importance because i dont remember)

  2. I have been dreaming about one for 3 years now, i, and two other people have saw him while awake. Pretty sure it hasn’t been cheer and beautiful days. More like people having mental break downs and ending up in the psyche ward every where I go. Granted that he seems to be protecting me for whatever reason.

  3. I have been dreaming of this ancient being for a couple of weeks now off and on. It always seems to want to stalk me but never quite catches me. I always escape by the skin of my teeth and my dream transfers to something else. Today it transferred to one of a skin walker. Same dream of being hunted in high intensity through the woods, accept this was a skin walker chased me and my father (or someone who reminds me of him) and we beat it back to a diner out by the woods we had been exploring. It shape shifted into a man after realizing we were quick witted and sat inside the diner as a small/thin Asian man with a hat looking down at the menu. I went to a table, took the biggest steak and butcher knife I could find. I crept on on the “man,” believing it to be a skin walker, and pinned him down with the aid of someone or something else on a table. I proceeded to grossly chop his head off, and the dream ended with me seeing his blood and imagining myself being arrested for what I had done, although it felt somewhat justified. Unnecessary violence is naturally against my nature, so when I dream ended I felt seriously creeped out by it. I did not wake up when it ended however, the screen in my head just went black according to my memory Someone PLEASE help me interpret these dreams, I am scared… not going to lie, I am terrified. Open to taking any and all good advice!

  4. I have had a white (yes pure white, other than the blood on its limbs and mouth) wendigo for years. I dream about it 2-3 times a week. I am in a forest calling for what I assume is a friend. I can’t remember who I was calling for but I would call and call over and over and eventually I come to a frozen creek. I look to the other side of the creek to see my (I’ve dubbed him as mine since he’s only appeared in real life to me) wendigo holding a corpse. And then I wake up. It is always the same dream. I don’t know who the corpse is and I don’t know where I am or if it’s on this plane of existence.

    The first time I heard/saw him was when I was very young. I was feeding our 3 horses and was just out in the pasture with them. Suddenly I heard my mom’s voice call for me to come back inside. (My parents had left to go to the store) Immediately my horses surrounded me and pushed me to the other side of the pasture until the calling stopped and they must have felt I was safe. I didn’t see or hear him again until two years ago when I started dreaming about him.

    Any information would be helpful. Or if anyone else has had dreams of a white wendigo.

  5. I had a dream that had been reoccurring for the past few nights, the beginning is pretty foggy so I don’t remember too much. The things I do remember was; I had a falling out with my family ( as I have had recently in real life), a orange red-ish full moon in the night sky, the forrest, a old ruined church, a stained glass window with a wendigo: deer skulled and antlers (8 points on each antler) with a dark red halo behind it and red roses in the glass, but the wendigo felt and looked like it was reaching out for me. Should I be concerned about this? It didn’t feel threatening or having ill intentions as far as I remember.

  6. What if u saw one in ur dreams and the dream gave u an idea to put a stick in the ground. To stop ur nightmares? Bc so far it has been working

  7. I do to know why but for the past week I have been having this reoccurring nightmare where I would be living in the house I’m living in right now, but I was living back in Alaska and it always tripped me out, because the house I’m living in now was the house that I was living with my family and my brother. And when I was living in Alaska, that was my birthplace. But every one of these dreams, or I would call them nightmares, it would always start out with me and my little Pomeranian dog, and there was no one left in the world except for us 2. But for some reason, every time the Wendigo it would get foggy and then my dog will disappear, but when I go outside and call out to her, should be standing on her neath the bench next to our house and I didn’t think much about it until 3 days later, still having the same nightmare, I noticed that she was acting very suspicious and that’s when I got to the point 2 days later, once again, having the same dream I you went up to where and straight up said, “you’re not my dog are you….. Where’s my dog” and because I had said that she had closed her mouth from panting, too looking, mean and aggressive, and didn’t respond, or say anything, except for just stare at me, so for the rest of the 2 days, I kept saying that to her every time I saw her underneath the bench until last night, I had finally had enough of it and I don’t know why I was so aggressive or mean, but I kept yelling at it, saying “where is my like my dog, you are not my dog!” But then it’s finally talked back to me. It said, “I’m sorry” every time and every time it said, I’m sorry, it would look down like it was actually sorry about taking my dog away. And it got me so frustrated that I hit it… but I don’t know why I did. In real life I am not really that aggressive, especially towards animals and people, but then I woke up, and every since that night I have no idea why it happened, but I just need to wait till tonight and see if I have the same dream. if anyone can help me or tell me what all of this means. I would be so appreciative.

  8. i just starting seeing the wendigo i’d never seen it before and i showed up in my dream making curious what it was so i reaserched and I’m shocked what if its after me

  9. Pregnancy dream in the woods I have to pee it’s cold so I have my favorite blanket around me I go to pee twice on my own but keep coming back to the clearing ware my spouse is I am to scared to go on my own and thay don’t wat to go cus woods at night and they jest understand these things but relents and takes me only I put the blanket over my head she’s got my arm and is leading me then I her the breathing and the movement it’s fast she yanks me out of the way we keep running and evreware we go thare it is it’s like I can see it in my mind even under the Blake but I’m not as scared as I should be and I know my spouse is scared but determined to save us and I’m terrorfyed but I feel safe being lead by her that’s wen I woke up or woke myself up still running in the dream wen I woke my spouse was clearly having a nightmare as well she often has bad dreams thow

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