Manticores Dream Interpretation

To see manticores in dream means that obstacles will be over, peaceful life will be achieved, comfort and wealth will be yours. Happiness will become a natural part of you, like a hand on an arm.

4 thoughts on “Manticores Dream Interpretation

  1. my partner (Female) had a dream a mini manticore which was pitch black was following us everywhere, into pubs and around and about. in the dream she had a feeling it was our friend as I ( the male in the relationship) was patting the manticore. what does this mean?

  2. Wow, i just had a dream that i was reliving highschool and looked out the window to see 3 or 4 good sized manticore, they were mostly silver/white but had gold on the back, front legs, and mane. looked almost plated.
    They were intimidating at first but i ignored that and they looked friendly when they came up the window.

    At first i thought they may have been griffens from Gold plated claw like paws but the faces were clearly feline in nature. Their wings were a beautiful solid Silver.

    This is my first time ever dreaming highschool again as well as seeing any mythical beast in my dreams. (I am an expirienced lucid dreamer/OBE).

    Another comment said they dreampt of a Manticore after “moving on from a terrible past” well the same thing happened to me yestarday.

  3. I saw a manticore like creature in my dreams yesterday. It descended from a mountain and was wreaking havoc in a city. I wonder what that means? PS- I didn’t know about manticore till I saw it in my dreams and I don’t watch mythological movies. Don’t know why or how it appeared in my dreams.

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