The bridge between heaven and hell

I see a bridge,
pointing to the heavens.
With beings of light
rushing up the bridge.
The earth is burning.
The fires of hell.
Consuming all that is touched.
With the chains that traps all.
Taking away the light
And imprisons the souls of the innocent,
And uplifts the souls of the wicked.
I look to the sky.
Where the gate of heaven lies.
Bright and majestic.
Unyielding to the darkness.
With the guardian of light,
Stands strong and true.
With his 6 wings
Driving away all darkness that dares
to come near his might.
To give hope to all
Who still believes in light.
“I shall carry this bridge until I die.
For when I die, all shall fail.
The bridge will fall,
This world shall fade,
Never to be seen again.
So climb now, while you can.
For the end is near.
I shall see you in our new beggining.

That’s the best way for me to explain my dream. It is incomplete, for my mind can’t remember the whole story. Can you tell me what it means? Why does it keep coming back everytime I forget.
By: Azrael

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