The dream seemed to last a very long time in which I only remember bits and pieces. I remember waking up to an overwhelming feeling of shame and rejection so intense it made me weep a little. My current significant other, as well as my ex partner (my child’s father), were present. My boyfriends cousin which is also our neighbor and two friends from high school were also there and I also feel there were several unidentified people involved as well. Every single individual besides myself seemed to be interested in engaging in group sex and when I expressed my extreme resistance, everybody began treating me in very degrading ways. As the dispute was happening over my disapproval, everybody was preparing a big meal and some individuals even began throwing food at me, particularly my boyfriend who was throwing pieces of onion at me and telling me to leave. Some of the comments made were implying that I was acting like I was “too good for everybody” and that I was more or less being stuck up about the situation. A huge gap in what I remember occurs at this point and then I pick up somewhere later when I proceeded to walk in on some of these activities which I remember feeling hurt specifically seeing my significant other with other partners. I then remember trying to leave through a window (a door did not seem to be an option?) However, nobody would allow me to exit the premises and kept dragging me back into the house. As far as I know , I woke up shortly after feeling very disoriented and shameful.

I tend to over analyze my dreams but had no clue what to think about this one because it was just so bizarre. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! I would be interested in an alternate interpretation 🙂
By: Maria Barone

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